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Production waste in Lithuanian distillery to be turned into electricity and heat

Petras Vaida, BC, Vilnius, 07.08.2012.Print version
Lithuanian Obeliai Distillery owned by Lithuania's alcohol company Vilniaus Degtine launched the power plant with bioreactors, where the production waste – distillers grains – will be used for the production of heat and electricity, whereof 70 percent is planned for sale, the distillery said in a press release.

The power plant is planning to become one of the biggest locations for utilizing biodegradable waste in Rokiskis town surrounding area. Its opening commemorated the 105th Anniversary of Obeliai Distillery.


"A new power plant will enable the efficient utilization of not only the distillers grain, but also of various other biodegradable production as well as household waste. The problem of recycling thereof in the district is highly relevant, since till now such waste had to be carried to Panevezys. We have been discussing for quite some time how to change this situation and now finally we found the way out. Moreover, this project will enable contributing to the environmental protection. Some of the heat, required for the distillery, will be produced in the power plant without using liquid fuel, which, when burning, emits carbon dioxide to the environment", said Juozas Daunys, General Manager of Vilniaus Degtine.


The capacity of a new cogeneration power plant reaches 1.5 MW. 6 thousand MWh of electric power and 515 MW of thermal energy is planned to be produced therein during a year. Total amount of heat will be used for the needs of the distillery, whereas of the electric power – only one fifth of total amount. The rest will be sold to the operator of electricity distribution networks.


The project, implemented by Vilniaus Degtine, is just the second case in the Lithuanian business practice, when distillers grains are employed for the production of biogas. After modernization of the company, the residual raw materials will be dewatered, thereby making them fit for improvement of the ground structure – fertilization.


"It is symbolic that this year we are commemorating our anniversary and at the same time start a new stage of activities. Now we will be producing energy from waste. We are also pleased that the investment into the power plant enabled creating new workplaces for the local residents and the residents of the neighboring districts", said Povilas Stumbrys, Director of Obeliai Distillery.

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