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Kaliningrad performs isolated power system work tests

Petras Vaida, BC, Vilnius, 07.08.2012.Print version
On the night of August 1, Kaliningrad's power system had a tests on isolated power system work. These tests are conducted to evaluate power system's readiness to work after being disconnected from the neighboring systems or its preparation to work on the "island mode", Lithuanian Energy Ministry reports.

During the tests, the Kaliningrad power system operated independently two times for ten minutes – this demonstrates that the system is in principle able to operate independently. After the second test, when the energy system was returned from isolated operation mode to the previous mode, power line Tilze – Kruonis pumped storage plant switched on automatically. This helped to avoid the Kaliningrad area energy system from turning off and ensured its stability, writes LETA/ELTA.


"Basically, these tests could mean that Russia understands the strategic goal of the Baltic States to work synchronously with Continental Europe Network and starts to prepare for the Baltic power systems desinchronization from Russian IPS / UPS system. Successful tests show that power system of Kaliningrad is able to function independently"- said Lithuanian Energy Minister Arvydas Sekmokas.


Energy network and systems integration into European power systems is the strategic goal of the Baltic States. This goal is also scheduled in Lithuanian Energy Independence Strategy that was confirmed this year by Lithuania's parliament and in the act of Lithuanian Power System Integration into the European Energy System.


Currently, Lithuanian power system operates synchronously with the IPS / UPS system, joining Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania systems. Baltic power system control in IPS / UPS system is centrally coordinated from Russia. This situation in Baltic power systems is not satisfactory according to the European Union requirement.

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