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Latvijas Gaze shareholders decide to pay LVL 23.94 mln in dividends

Alla Petrova, BC, Riga, 06.07.2012.Print version
Today, joint-stock gas supply company Latvijas Gaze (LG) shareholders decided to pay out LVL 23.94 million in dividends, or LVL 0.6 per share.

LG net profit amounted to LVL 27.175 million last year. The company's retained earnings are LVL 1.478 million; the remaining amount will be paid in dividends (LVL 23.94 million) or included in the company's reserves (LVL 1.756 million), writes LETA.


15 shareholders or their representatives participated in the meeting, accounting for 97.36% of LG shares with voting rights.


It was also decided that the company's report for 2012, accounting and financial operations would be audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Taking into account that LG Deputy Council Chairman Peter Frankenberg and Council members Heinz Watzka and Joachim Hockertz previously submitted their resignations, the shareholders also elected a new council for the company, consisting of Kirill Seleznev, Elena Karpel, Aleksander Krasnenkov, Vlada Rusakova, Juris Savickis, Igor Nazarov, Uve Fip, Mario Nullmeier and now also Matthias Kohlenbach, Andreas Rau and Peter Klingenberger.

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