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Eesti Energia: storm in December caused more damages than last year's Monika

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 31.12.2011.Print version
Eesti Energia representative said that it is too soon to sum up storm damages of December 2011 on the electricity networks but that the latest storm was more damaging than last year's Monika, LETA/Delfi reports.

As of Friday morning, around 13,000 households were deprived of electricity, some of them since the beginning of the week when the storm Patrick started ravaging Estonia. Since Monday, the repair crews of the Distribution Network and its partners have restored electric supply to around 140,000 clients.


"It is too soon to sum up damages – we focus on fixing malfunctions and damages can be summed up when all households have regained power," said Eesti Energia retail business communications manager Katriin Loorents, adding that the damages are bigger than during the than last year's Monika storm.


She said that in many places, kilometres of per lines have been damaged and building a new one takes time, especially since winds are still strong, which makes the work harder.

The January 2005 storm was quite similar to this year's, then it took 20 day to fix all malfunctions. Loorents said that since the effectiveness of work of crews is now better, fixing malfunction takes place faster now.

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