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TNS: 4% Latvian households consume less than 100 kWh of electricity a month; Latvenergo denies

Alla Petrova, BC, Riga, 22.02.2011.Print version
Only 4% of Latvia's households use up less than 100 kilowatt/hours of electricity during the heating season, according to a survey that the market, social and media research agency TNS Latvia carried out in conjunction with LNT broadcast "900 sekundes" this month.

Presenting new electricity tariffs, Latvenergo claimed that about 49% of households in Latvia consume less than 100 kWh of electricity each month, or less than 1,200 kWh per year.


During the survey, economically-active residents of Latvia ages 18 to 55 were asked how much electricity their families consumed during the heating season. One-fourth said that their families used up 100-199 kWh a month, and 22% said the average figure was 200-299 kWh a month, writes LETA.


One-fifth of households consume 300-499 kWh of electricity a month, and 8% – more than 500 kWh.


Comparatively few households, around 4%, use less than 100 kWh a month. Finally, each fifth respondent had no opinion.


As reported, the Public Utilities Commission's council has approved new electricity tariffs from the joint-stock power utility Latvenergo, which provide a new system of calculating tariffs as of April 1. According to the new tariffs, households consuming more electricity will have to pay more. The tariffs will be set based on annual electricity consumption, and consumption figures will be registered from April 1. The first 1,200 kilowatt/hours will cost the same as now – 8.25 santims per kWh. When this limit is exceeded, the tariff will be 10.74 santims per kWh.

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