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Itera to continue sponsorship of Riga "Dinamo"

Alla Petrova, BC, Riga, 06.12.2010.Print version
Juris Savickis, president of Itera Latvija and council chairman of the Riga "Dinamo" hockey team, said that he is convinced that the natural gas company will continue its cooperation with the KHL hockey team.

"Dinamo's" three-year contract with Itera expires at the end of this season, but, as Savickis tells the newspaper "Diena", he is sure that the contract will be extended, which in turn would guarantee the team's further existence.


"I can say that I'm 95%-99% sure that the cooperation will continue, ... there always must be one% set aside! I believe another three-year contract will be signed. I have yet to speak to my friends in Moscow, but there is no indication that cooperation would be terminated," Savickis points out.


"Of course, I will have to explain the reasons why there is limited interest in such a product as "Dinamo" from the government or private companies," he says, adding that he will have to explain to Igor Markov, the key figure in this 'game', that the Latvian government is not ready to maintain "Dinamo", writes LETA.


Savickis is convinced that if Latvia's biggest companies invested money in the club, it could be maintained without investment from outside Latvia.

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