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Eesti Energia is losing clients to Latvians

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 24.03.2010.Print version
In the beginning of April 2010, 34 major consumers of electricity in Estonia will change suppliers when 35% of the electricity will open up, abandoning Eesti Energia and start buying electricity from Latvenergo, LETA/Äripäev writes.

They will, however, not be able to escape a price increase.


Several dozen large consumers will change their electricity provider at the beginning of April, abandoning Eesti Energia. Thus Norma, Viisnurk, Tere and Kreenholm, as well as Estlink 1 project leader AS Nordic Energy Link will buy electricity from Latvians.


Äripäev has calculated that in April, the Latvian energy company will generate a sales turnover of 10.5 million kroons on the Estonian market in the major consumers segment while Estonian share of the market will reach 107 million kroons.


Before the opening of the free market, Eesti Energia had a market share of 92% in the segment of customers who consume more than 2 GWh per year.

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