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Gas prices for Lithuanian household to remain unchanged in July – regulator

BC, Vilnius, 17.05.2019.Print version
Natural gas prices for Lithuanian households will remain unchanged in July, the market regulator has confirmed to LETA/BNS.

On Friday, the National Commission for Energy Control and Prices approved the tariffs sought by the gas supplier Lietuvos Energijos Tiekimas (LET) for the second half of the year.  

The variable price component remains unchanged at 66 euro cents per cubic meter for households using natural gas for cooking (up to 300 cubic meters per year). 

Households using the fuel for heating (between 300 and 20,000 cubic meters annually) will continue to be charged 46 cents and those using more than 20,000 cubic meters per year will continue to pay 45 cents. 

The monthly fixed price component will not change either, at 0.56 euros for the first group of consumers and 3.99 euros for the second and third groups. 

Gas tariffs are reviewed on a semi-annual basis.

Gas prices for consumers were raised by 7 cents per cubic meter, or 12-18 percent, in January.

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