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Lithuania's avg electricity market price almost unchanged in March

BC, Vilnius, 07.04.2017.Print version
The price of electricity in Nord Pool's Lithuanian bidding area averaged 31.3 euros per megawatt-hour in March, almost unchanged from a year ago and down by 14% from a month ago, Litgrid said on Friday.

According to the power transmission system operator, the m-o-m decline was mostly due to spring tides: Lithuania's electricity imports from Sweden and Latvia increased by one-third compared with February. Also, Lithuania's hydro power plants raised their output by one-fifth. Besides, demand for electricity in Lithuania declined by one-tenth as temperatures increased.

Lithuania's power plants generated a total of 198 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity in March, up 16% y-o-y, but down 13% m-o-m. The bulk of it was produced by wind and hydro power plants, at 90 and 89 GWh, respectively, with industrial enterprises' power generation facilities contributing the remaining 19 GWh. The country's major combined heat and power plants did not operate last month.

Lithuania last month imported 78% of its electricity, with 45% coming from Latvia, Estonia and Finland, 24% from Sweden, 27% from Russia and Belarus, and 3% from Poland.

The country's power demand in March totaled 847 GWh, down by 1 percent from February.

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