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President of Uzbekistan is committed to government transparency and media freedom

BC, Riga, 22.01.2020.Print version
Commenting on the controversial cases involving representatives of Uzbekistan’s state bodies and mass media, President Mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan stated that he is committed to openness and transparency in the country. He specifically underscored: “we realize that closeness, lack of transparency, corruption, nepotism will hinder our aspirations. Turning a blind eye amounts to a betrayal of our new policies”.

The leader of Uzbekistan noted that the world is developing fast and the mindset of our people is changing. Huge role in this belongs to media. “This is the key demand for building democratic society”. 

Uzbekistan’s President stated that “we must consider media as a mirror reflecting government’s work. Unfortunately, for so many years we did not consider as important to look in this “mirror”. As a result, we stopped seeing our true face. We did not recognize our flaws and shortcomings that were obvious for our people and yet continued to brag as if “we were the best of the best””. We forgot wise proverb: “don’t blame the mirror if your own mug is crooked”. This is the underlying reason why we have now ever-increasing problems and why so many vices took root in our society, said leader of Uzbekistan. 

President Mirziyoyev underscored that today as never before it is of utmost importance for leaders at all levels to nurture the culture of interaction with the public, especially media. However, as suggested by the President, “some of government representatives in reacting to criticism, try not to admit it, causing various hearsay and arguments. The very fact that they do not address timely and honestly the claims from the people also causes a reasonable resentment. President criticized some leaders who instead of preventing this kind of situation, exacerbate the problem due to their hypocrisy and pomposity”. 

He specifically noted that “one must “look before the leap”, this is the demand of our time. “We have changed for the last two years and we are not old-day leaders, we are now transforming into a democratic civil society. Everyone must understand that”, underscored President of Uzbekistan. “Leaders at all levels should realize that they are responsible not only for their own dignity, but also the state body they represent”. 

President underscored that regardless of the challenges and acute problems, government representatives must find necessary solutions using restraint, adjustability, making correct decision based on law. These requirements must be met by everybody, be it the Government member, ministers, khokims, prosecutors and the media.

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