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Officials say relations between Estonia, Belarus have deepened

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Relations between Estonia and Belarus have deepened, and in spring a visit by Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser to Minsk is expected to take place, the Estonian Foreign Ministry said after political consultations between the two foreign ministries on Thursday.

That bilateral relations have deepened was acknowledged by the head of the Estonian delegation, deputy secretary general of the Foreign Ministry for political affairs Paul Teesalu, spokespeople for the ministry said.

"More intense cooperation of Belarus with Europe is in the common interest of us all," Teesalu said. "The broader goal for Estonia is to promote relations of the European Union with all countries of the EU Eastern Partnership and fulfill the decisions of the Eastern Partnership summit that took place during the Estonian presidency," he added.

"For a long time human rights issues have been an obstacle to relations between Europe and Belarus, which were on the table at our talks as well," Teesalu said.

In the course of the consultations, relations between Estonia and Belarus, developing of economic relations, European security and the future of Belarus-EU relations were talked about. The Belarus delegation was led by Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Kravchenko.

Teesalu pointed out that Belarus has been a long-term priority partner for Estonia in development cooperation.

"We wish to continue good cooperation with Belarus, and we have decided to even increase our support somewhat this year," the official added.

According to Teesalu, cooperation has been the most intense in recent years in training of young people in enterprise, in matters of e-governance and the environment.

It was found during the consultations that attention has to be paid also to economic relations.

"Estonian companies have found possibilities to do business in Belarus, and several investments have been made there from Estonia," Teesalu said. He emphasized the importance of developing the business environment of Belarus for the establishment of closer economic ties.

Foreign Minister Sven Mikser is planning to visit Belarus this spring, the spokespeople said.

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