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European Commission proposes increasing several fishing quotas in Baltic Sea

Gleb Vasiljev, BC, Riga, 17.08.2012.Print version
The European Commission has proposed increasing several fishing quotas in the Baltic Sea next year, as previous restrictions have allowed fish populations to increase.

The European Commission proposes increasing fishing quotas for sprats, herring and plaice, but reduce fishing quotas for salmon and cod.

The length of the commercial fishing season will remain the same as in previous years.

The herring quota in the western Baltic Sea has proposed to be increased by 23 percent, but has been reduced by 10 percent in the Gulf of Riga.

The sprat quota has been proposed to be increased by 11 percent to 249,978 tons, while the plaice quota by 18 percent to 3,409 tons.

The European Commission wishes to reduce the cod quota by nine percent to 61,565 tons in eastern areas of the Baltic Sea, and by two percent to 20,800 tons in western areas.

The salmon quota has been proposed to reduce by 11 percent, reported LETA.

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