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Cod catch quota in eastern Baltic Sea cut 92% in 2020

BC, Riga, 16.10.2019.Print version
The European Union Agriculture and Fisheries Council approved at a meeting in Luxembourg new catch quotas for the Baltic Sea for the coming year, including a 92% reduction in the cod fishing quota in the eastern Baltic Sea, reported LETA.

The cod catch quota in the eastern Baltic Sea will be 2,000 tons next year, which is 92% less than this year, as proposed by the European Commission.

In the western Baltic Sea, the cod catch quota will be 3,806 tons, or 60% less than this year. The Commission had proposed a 68% quota reduction.

The ministers also decided to increase herring catch quotas in the Gulf of Riga by 11% to 34,445 tons, reduce the quota for the central Baltic Sea by 10% to 153,384 tons, cut the quota for the western Baltic Sea by 65% to 2,750 tons, and cut the quota for the Gulf of Bothnia 27% to 65,018 tons.

The salmon catch quota for the Baltic Sea basin has been reduced by 5% to 86,575 tons, and the quota for the Gulf of Finland remains unchanged at 9,703 tons.

The sprat fishing quota in the Baltic Sea has been reduced 22% to 210,147 tons next year, and the flounder quota by 32% to 6,894 tons.

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