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Finland to introduce sustainable development solutions in Estonia's counties

BC, Tallinn, 01.07.2019.Print version
To mark the start of the Finnish presidency of the Council of the European Union, Finland is about to stage a tour of Estonian counties to introduce solutions in sustainable development developed in Finland, re[ported LETA/BNS.

The #EU2019FI tour of various Estonian regions organized by the Finnish embassy will showcase solutions in sustainable development, such as those for substituting plastic in packages or textiles, spokespeople for the Finnish embassy in Tallinn said on Monday.

"What we wish to direct attention to is not the problems, but solutions. Finland is a country that focuses on solutions," Ambassador  Timo Kantola said.

The motto of the Finnish presidency of the Council is "Sustainable Europe, sustainable future." In the context of the motto, sustainability is given a broader meaning ranging from the environment to security. One of the focal points of the Finnish presidency will be combating climate change. In addition, Finland will put emphasis on strengthening of common values and the rule of law, a more competitive and socially cohesive Europe, end ensuring of comprehensive security for citizens. 

The #EU2019FI tour will kick off in the town of Valga on the Estonian-Latvian border on July 13, proceeding then to Kardla, Maardu, Rakvere and Viljandi.

"Usually one goes to the bigger cities, therefore we wanted to go to the smaller towns this time," Kantola explained.

The presidency that formally started on July 1 marks the third time for Finland to serve as president of the EU.

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