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Bulgarian jewelers in construction offer cooperation

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MARISAN & KOLEV AD, a leading Bulgarian manufacturer of thermal insulation and hydro insulation systems for construction, high-quality construction mixtures, varnishing and painting materials (interior paints and primers, facade and decoration paints, primers, plasters, etc.) and decorative facade profiles offers cooperation to distributors and dealers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

The following entities can be our distributors:

1.      Trading companies - wholesalers of thermal insulation systems, hydro insulation systems, dry construction mixtures, paints, skim coats, decorative plasters, facade and interior materials, having extensive experience and offering a high quality service;

2.      Trading companies – wholesalers and retailers of goods for construction, which supply sets of products and make deliveries to sites;

3.      Construction hypermarket chains, specialized supermarkets and shops having centralized distribution;

4.      Construction companies and subcontractors specialized in the renovation of buildings, thermal insulation and hydro insulation of structures, administrative buildings and complexes;

5.      Online shops with resources to assemble sets of products and make deliveries to clients.


Our production process is organized in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and our products are certified in accordance with the European Certification System.


The thermal insulation systems TERMOFLEX® and TERAPOR® are EU certified and have an ETAG 004 certificate. The expert conclusions are based on expert tests and assessments carried out by accredited European institutions and laboratories.


We export our products to 15 European states.

All conditions of cooperation can be discussed by an e-mail or telephone call.


Contact us at:

15 Kalna Dere Str.

East Industrial Zone,

7009 Ruse,Bulgaria


Tel: +359-82-519 721

Tel: +359-82-519 722

Mob: +359-88-5005053



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