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President to withdraw Gobzems' nomination for PM

BC, Riga, 10.12.2018.Print version
President Raimonds Vejonis will withdraw Aldis Gobzems’ (KPV LV) nomination for prime minister. After a meeting with Gobzems on Monday, Vejonis told journalists that he would issue a decree to withdraw the nomination and start consultations with political parties, reported LETA/BNS.

The president informed that during his conversation with the prime minister nominee it was concluded that Gobzems had failed to secure the necessary parliamentary majority in the two weeks’ time he had been given to form his government. “After the conversation I informed Gobzems that I will prepare a decree to withdraw his nomination and will shortly start consultations with political parties on their perspective and further steps,” Vejonis told journalists.

Asked if Gobzems’ nomination was a mistake, Vejonis said that it was not, explaining that elections are held to elect political parties so that they represented their respective electorates.

The president indicated that he nominated Gobzems based on the mandate given by voters to the particular political party and its candidate for prime minister. “I would therefore like to thank him for agreeing to undertake the government formation process in this situation which is far from easy. Sadly, this ended without a result,” the president said.

Vejonis noted that during the meeting with Gobzems they discussed his vision of what should be done and how the political processes should be steered in the future. “Gobzems cannot confirm at the moment that a majority of the parliament supports his candidacy, the proposed composition of his government and declaration,” the president said.

It is regrettable, the president added, that for the second time around he has to conclude that political parties and some politicians are still putting their own ambitions higher than national interests.

“What is happening in our country is sad, but I will continue discussions with the parties to try and reach common ground,” Vejonis said. Whether the next candidate for prime minister is picked from outside or the political parties will depend on these consultations, Vejonis said.

Gobzems met with the president on Monday to present three visions of the current situation. While talking to LETA ahead of the meeting he did not reveal any details of his three government formation scenarios.

Gobzems was nominated by President Vejonis as the prime minister on November 26 and given time until December 10 to form the government.

After failing to achieve clear support to his first proposal on the Cabinet of Ministers, he excluded For Development/For party from the government talks. Later Gobzems withdrew his initial proposal for the Cabinet of Ministers and said he will propose "a government of non-partisan professionals. He also had plans to reduce the number of ministers, returning to the promises given by KPV LV during the election campaign.

His new plan did not gain any support from partners and on Saturday night he came up with a new plan – to continue government formation parties among four parties, now excluding the Union of Greens of Farmers from the talk.

Still, the potential partners did not rush to join his proposed coalition.

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