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EU member states sign declaration of intent for increasing defense cooperation

BC, Brussels, 13.11.2017.Print version
Twenty-three European Union member states on Thursday in Brussels signed a declaration of intent for increasing defense cooperation in the framework of the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO).

PESCO obligates EU member states to cooperate more and more systematically: increasing defense spending, making their units available for EU operations, creating common military powers and strengthening the defense industry. At that the member states retain their sovereign right to leading their own national defense.

Joining PESCO will be an important step for Estonia from the perspective of defense policy, as it enables Estonia to participate in further developing EU defense cooperation.

The responsibility of simplifying Europe's military transport was added to the declaration of intent at the proposal of Estonia. The smooth and red tape free movement of units and equipment serves the goals of both the EU and NATO.

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