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Sproge elected new mayor of Jurmala after Truksnis' resignation

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Rita Sproge (Greens/Farmers) was elected the new mayor of Jurmala after Gatis Truksnis (Greens/Farmers) resigned from the mayoral office today, reports LETA.

Sproge, who until now held the position of Jurmala vice-mayor, was nominated for the mayoral office by Truksnis. No other candidates were proposed.

Sproge was elected Jurmala mayor by 12 votes to two, with no abstentions.

Answering questions about her future plans, Sproge said ahead of the vote that her work would be based on the city’s budget and development plan. “There will be no sudden changes. Work has been stared on several tasks and it has to be completed… It is necessary to ensure a stable work of the city council,” Sproge said.

Sproge described herself as a very responsive person and said she expected no difficulties working with the city council’s members.

Sproge told after her election as Jurmala mayor that although she was not planning major changes in the local authority’s work, it would be necessary to step up work to develop Jurmala as a resort. Sproge explained Truksnis’ resignation with health issues, and said that he should definitely run in this year’s upcoming local elections as he has “greatly contributed” to Jurmala’s development.

Janis Lezdins (Greens/Farmers) was elected Jurmala vice-mayor by ten votes to two, with two abstentions.

Truksnis, meanwhile, will continue work as a member of the Jurmala City Council. In his statement to media the politician said today that for him the recent months had been “full of anxiety and emotionally deeply disturbing”, which had affected his health.

“For now, I will continue work as councilor and restore my strength so that I can run in the next local elections as a candidate for the mayoral office with renewed confidence and energy,” Truksnis said.

It is not clear yet whether Truksnis will remain a member of the Latvian Green Party, which is a member of the Union of Greens and Farmers, as the party’s board is expected to decide on the issue today.

As reported, Truksnis, who was dismissed as Jurmala mayor in October, was reelected to the mayoral office later thanks to a vote from Harmony Center.

Truksnis was returned to his previous position by eight votes, which included seven votes from the Union of Greens and Farmers and one vote from Harmony Center.

The Green Party of Latvia is one of the two main political parties forming the Union of Greens and Farmers.

As reported, Truksnis is a suspect in a criminal probe into illegal party financing.

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