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Estonian oil shale mining industry posted record of a decade due to cold weather in Janury

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 05.02.2010.версия для печати
Due to the extremely cold weather in January 2010 a record amount of oil shale of the decade was supplied by Eesti Energia Kaevandused (Eesti Energia Mines), Äripäev.ee/LETA reports.

The company said that the bigger than usual volumes were caused by the cold winter that increases consumption of oil shale and the demand that emerged at the Baltic electricity market after the Ignalina nuclear power plant was closed.


A total of 1,458,109 tonnes of oil shale was produced in January and 1,666,558 tonnes of oil shale was supplied to clients, which a record of the past eight years.


The biggest and most modern mine in Estonia, the Estonia mine, produced 27,000 tonnes of oil shale a day.


The oil shale is mainly used to fuel Estonia’s two largest power stations.