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MSC plans in Lithuania's Klaipeda "not definite"

BC, Vilnius, 30.10.2020.Print version
As Lithuania's port of Klaipeda reported that global shipping company Mediterrean Shipping Company is considering upgrading the container distribution center of Klaipeda Smelte, owned by MSC, the Klaipeda Smelte CEO says the center's upgrading is directly linked to Klaipeda's goal to bring back the big so-called oceanic vessels, reports LETA/BNS.

"Yes, transshipment, the so-called distribution center, is impossible without big vessels. These matters are directly related," Rimantas Juska told BNS, calling, however, the information about MSC plans in Klaipeda "not definite".

"Today, the information is not definite but I would say that we are still glad about the incoming information that MSC says the port of Klaipeda is a key strategic port in the Baltic Sea region," the company CEO said.

The port of Klaipeda said earlier MSC's three top executives confirmed during their remote meeting with Klaipeda CEO Algis Latakas that the company has serious plans for the container distribution center in Klaipeda, the port's authority said.

"We were assured that the port of Klaipeda remains an important place in MSC's area of attention and in the shipping company's upcoming activity plans," Latakas said in a statement.

Juska said he did not attend the meeting with the MSC executives, but said MSC's plans might help the whole port of Klaipeda grow. "Our company and owners' plans to use this terminal in the port of Klaipeda as a distribution center are very important as they can help the port of Klaipeda grow," he said.

To make Klaipedos Smelte a container distribution center, MSC included Klaipeda in the Australia Express and Himalaya Express routes in 2018. MSC, however, temporarily suspended this decision in April, 2019.

Due to that, Klaipeda Smelte's container turnover dropped ore than 34 percent last year. Juska says, however, the company's results for the first nine months of this year are better than expected.

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