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«The Baltic Course» Is Sold and Stays in Business!

Olga Pavuk, Dr.oec, Editor-in-Chief of Baltic-course.com, 08.06.2021.Print version

This is it, my friends! It happened! We finally found someone willing to take over and continue our business. In the year of our 25th anniversary, in June – precisely the month the first ever issue of The Baltic Course was released, our media project has found its new owner.

I won’t tell his name yet; I will let him introduce himself whenever he’s ready. I can only say that it is someone from Latvia, who used to be a journalist just like we are, and who has high hopes and many plans in mind for this website. 


This is someone, who understands what the media market is about and who believes in the need to provide the world with credible information about economy and business life of Latvia and entire Baltic Region. For now, only time can tell, what new shapes the website will take, but the new owner of the trademark and the entire media outlet is promising to preserve the entire archive of The Baltic Course and the page www.baltic-course.com. The page is going to resume activity in September.


As for me, this is a satisfying close-out of my 30 years of business in journalism. Life goes on! And I’m sure the next step is going to be different, but no less exciting and fulfilling. I am well prepared for that. I am still keeping my position in the Baltic International Academy as doctoral studies teacher, for the pleasure of teaching.


I would like to thank you all, who has been with us for all these years! Those have always been the best people, the best authors, and the most solid professionals. I love you all!



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