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Hotels showing strong interest in providing self-isolation service

BC, Riga, 30.12.2020.Print version
Hotels' interest in providing self-isolation services to Covid-19 patients and persons who have come into contact with infected people is very strong, Santa Graikste, head of the Hotel and Restaurant Association, told LETA.

"Interest from accommodation establishments is very strong," Graikste said, adding that self-isolation services are currently available at three hotels in Riga but that the program has just been launched. 

Although there are no plans at the moment to limit the number of accommodation establishments allowed to join the program, if the number of applicants proves too high some restrictions might be introduced to spare hotels disappointment over the failure to achieve the desired effect. 

"There is no point in offering a very long list because then there will be complaints from the accommodation establishments and disappointment if the program does not achieve the desired effect," the head of the association said. 

She also indicated that the program could be suitable for up to four-star hotels because for high-end hotels it would not be profitable. 

As reported, three hotels in Riga are currently available for self-isolation if necessary, LETA learned from the Latvian Investments and Development Agency (LIAA).

Rixwell Elefant Hotel offers 71 rooms, where residents who arrived on a repatriation flights from the UK were placed, Rija VEF Hotel offers 90 rooms, and Rixwell Terrace Design offers 18 rooms.

Covid-19 contact persons, Covid-19 patients with light symptoms and Covid-19 patients after treatment in hospital but who still has symptoms, as well as persons returning to Latvia with repatriation flights may receive self-isolate in the designated hotels.

LIAA said that more than 30 hotels have applied for the program, half of them in Riga, while the other half in other Latvian regions. LIAA will sign agreements with the hotels once they are cleared by the Health Inspectorate.

As reported, for people who have been in contact with a Covid-19 positive person, Covid-19 patients with light symptoms, and Covid-19 patients who have been discharged from hospital but still have Covid-19 symptoms, the state will cover 80 percent of the accommodation cost, but not more than EUR 35 per day, while the person will have to cover the remaining 20 percent of the cost.

For persons who are repatriated to Latvia from Great Britain, the state will cover 100 percent of the accommodation cost, but not more than EUR 45 per day.

According to the government's decision, support will be provided until March 2021, and up to EUR 2,173,500 will be allotted from the budget to provide the support.

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