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Riga Freeport signs cooperation declaration with Shenzhen port

BC, Riga , 25.09.2020.Print version
The Riga Freeport administration during the World Port Strategy Forum remotely signed a cooperation declaration with the Shenzhen port, according to the information published on the Riga Freeport internet website.

Shenzhen Declaration is based on three key principles: innovations of the international port network cooperation model, deepening the strategic cooperation of smart ports, and united development and management of a worldwide port and shipping delivery chain ecosystem.

The Declaration encompasses feasibility studies of worldwide port and shipping delivery chain alliance creation, reinforcing mechanisms for cooperation and exchange of experience, increasing areas of cooperation, strengthening attempts at cooperation, promoting the development of smart ports, as well as promoting the strategic importance of a worldwide network of ports in the world economy and trade industry.

Deepening the strategic cooperation between smart ports foresees strengthening the exchange of research, talents and experience within the port and trade industries, as well as promoting the realization of common smart port construction projects.

In regards to creating and managing a united delivery chain ecosystem, the declaration foresees optimising and reconstructing the operational flow of port and shipping delivery chains, emphasising the importance of improved coordination between and integration of industries related to ports and shipping, as well as creating a worldwide community of port and shipping interests.

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