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Apartment prices in Soviet-era houses in Riga down 1.7% in January-September

BC, Riga, 12.10.2020.Print version
Apartment prices in Soviet-era standard design houses in Riga continued to drop in September 2020, with the average price declining 0.2% from August and sliding 1.7% from the beginning of the year, Arco Real Estate said in its latest report on the market of standard-design apartments, cites LETA.

In September 2020, the average apartment price in Soviet-era standard design houses was down to EUR 805 per square meter. The average price was 50% lower than in July 2017 when the average price of a non-renovated Soviet-era apartment hit the all-time-high of EUR 1,620. 

Compared to the beginning of 2019, apartment prices rose 1% in September 2020. 

In September this year, the average price per square meter declined by 0.3% for single-room apartments, by 0.1% for double-room apartments and by 0.3% for three and four-room apartments. 

The highest apartment prices, at EUR 950 per square meter remain, in Teika, while the lowest prices, at EUR 585, were recorded in Bolderaja.

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