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Covid-19 Latvia: 1,660 people to lose work as 10 companies announce collective redundancies

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ten companies in Latvia have announced collective redundancies, which will result in 1,660 employees being laid off, LETA was told at the State Employment Agency.

The collective redundancies have been announced by businesses in transport and warehousing, the hospitality and food services sector, as well as wholesale and retailer companies. 

Other companies laying off staff are involved in water supply, waste water treatment and waste management, as well as manufacturing. 

According to the State Employment Agency's data, there are currently 59,104 jobless people in Latvia, of which 1,047 were registered with the agency last week. 

The State Employment Agency's report shows that collective redundancies in Latvia have nearly quadrupled since March 18.

As reported, by March 18 the State Employment Agency had received five companies' statements on plans to lay off between 429 and 454 employees. By March 20, collective redundancies had been announced by eight companies laying off 699 to 724 workers.

As reported, the Cabinet has endorsed the Finance Ministry's bill on measures for overcoming the crisis caused by the coronavirus Covid-19, which encompasses a comprehensive set of state support measures, including benefits that will be paid to employees laid off by companies.

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