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Decision on limiting retransmission of Russia RTR in Latvia coming soon

BC, Riga, 17.12.2020.Print version
A decision on limiting retransmission of the Russia RTR television channel in Latvia is coming soon, the National Electronic Mass Media Council (NEPLP) head Ivars Abolins said in an interview with TV3 on December 17th, cites LETA.

"Such programs as Russia RTR, which propagate hate speech, have no place in Latvia," said Abolins, adding that a decision on the Russian television channel could be made in about a month or so.

As reported, NEPLP this past July started a procedure to restrict the broadcasting of Russian TV channel Russia RTR in Latvia for incitement to hatred on the channel's 60 Minutes talk show. In case of a repeated violation, NEPLP might decide to ban Russia RTR in Latvia, the regulator said at the time.

As LETA was told at NEPLP, during a debate on the 60 Minutes talk show, both participants of the discussion and host Olga Skabeeva used expressions that can be regarded as hate speech. Ukraine, for instance, was called a terrorist state and its former president Petro Poroshenko a terrorist. Ukraine's representative indicated that Russia is waiting for Ukraine to split up so it could be defeated. During the discussion, the host of the TV show proposed a Russian invasion into Ukraine to quash the conflict.

The Latvian Electronic Mass Media Law prohibits broadcasting content inciting to aggression or hate. In this case, NEPLP found a possible violation of the law in the TV host's remarks about Ukraine and its people.

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