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Estonian tax board has returned EUR 109 mln in overpaid income tax

BC, Tallinn, 09.03.2020.Print version
The Estonian Tax and Customs Board had as of Monday refunded 109 mln euros in income tax paid in excess to 310,000 people, reported LETA/BNS.

A total of 593,107 tax returns for 2019 had been submitted to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board by Monday, and altogether 162 mln euros of income tax paid in excess is to be returned based on the tax returns filed so far. Besides, 35,500 taxpayers must pay additional income tax in the amount of 20 mln euros, spokespeople for the tax authority said.

Altogether 3,418 people have relinquished their tax rebate to be used as a donation in the total amount of 98,000 euros.

The deadline for filing income tax returns is April 30. The due date for payment of additional income tax is Oct. 1.

The Tax and Customs Board began refunding income tax paid in excess on Feb. 26 to people who filed their tax returns online and will start making refunds from March 19 to those who filed their tax returns on paper.

The number of people who used a basic exemption corresponding to their income in 2019 was 400,200, making up 41% of the total number of taxpayers, whereas 530,000 people or 53% used a smaller basic exemption than they were entitled to. The latter are entitled to refunds amounting to 147 mln euros in total, according to preliminary data.

A total of 68,500 people had set the basic exemption they wanted to be applied to payouts to them by the employer at a higher level than they were eligible for, and such people must pay altogether 13 mln euros back to the Tax and Customs Board.

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