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Electric power generation in Latvia down 14% in September

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In September 2020, electric power generation in Latvia decreased by 14% from August and fell 39% from September 2019, Augstsprieguma Tikls (AST) transmission system operator reported, writes LETA.

In September this year, Latvia's electricity producers generated 339,738 megawatt hours (MWh) of electric power, while electricity consumption in Latvia declined by nearly one % from August 2020 and September 2019 to 564,711 MWh.

Electricity output in September 2020 was the second lowest this year. The lowest electricity output was recorded in July when Latvian electricity producers generated 261,538 MWh of electric power.

Local producers provided 60% of all electric power consumed in Latvia in September, which is 36 percentage points less than a year ago, while over the year local producers generated 82% of the electric power consumed in Latvia.

In September, power generation at Latvia's large heat-electric generating plants fell 41% from August 2020 and plummeted 63% from September 2019.

Meanwhile, the Daugava Hydroelectric Power Plant increased electricity generation by 47% against August and by 44 against September 2019.

Power generation by Latvia’s wind farms increased 2.7 times against August and small heat-and-power plants raised output 10%. Electricity output of biomass-fired power plants dropped 6% and power plants running on biogas generated 2% electricity. Meanwhile, small hydroelectric power plants increased output by 36%.

In September 2020, electricity imports from Europe decreased 12% from August and grew 24% against September 2019 to 722,268 MWh, and electricity imports from third countries declined 5% from August and dropped 19% from September 2019 to 452,277 MWh.

Augstsprieguma Tikls is an independent transmission system operator, which operates the electric power transmission network and ensures security of electric power supply in Latvia, as well as fulfills the following mission: providing power transmission services based on the published transmission service tariffs and providing free third-party access to the transmission network. Augstsprieguma Tikls holds operational control of the transmission system and ensures its stable operation.

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