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Lithuanian energy companies continue strategic projects, manage risks

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There are no disruptions in Lithuania's energy sector after the country was placed under quarantine due to the new coronavirus, and energy projects are being smoothly implemented, the energy minister and executives of the power and gas transmission operators say, reported LETA/BNS.

Energy Minister Zygimantas Vaiciunas says the country's electricity, gas and heating systems are getting even more attention to avoid any possible disruptions.

"We hold remote weekly meetings with all companies. I can say we have not experienced any additional incidents during this period. Everything possible is being done," Vaiciunas told LETA/BNS on Thursday.

In his words, the implementation of projects important to Lithuania and the whole region, including the synchronization of the power grids with continental Europe and the Lithuanian Polish gas pipeline project (GIPL), are taking place under the schedule.

"In the short tem, with no doubt, certain risks involving work organization and logistics might arise due to the existing quarantine measures in place in Lithuania and also in other countries. But it will not have any major impact on the final deadline of these projects. With no doubt, we are assessing every risk and are drawing up risk management plans for these risks," the minister said.

Daivis Virbickas, CEO of Lithuania's power transmission system operator Litgrid, told LETA/BNS the company is not changing the final deadline for the implementation of the synchronization project.

"Just as for everyone else, risks involving work and logistics might arise in the short time due to neighboring countries' decisions to restrict the movement of people and goods, and the delivery of equipment or materials produced abroad to Lithuania might fall behind schedule. If necessary, we are ready to review our work sequence, and we are actively working with contractors and monitoring the situation," Virbickas told.

According to Vaiciunas, the application for the funding of the second stage of the synchronization project is set to be submitted to the European Commission by the end of May, and the Baltic and Polish regulators are now looking into the costs.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia plan to desynchronize their power grids from the post-Soviet IPS/UPS system, the so-called BRELL ring, by 2025.

Nemunas Biknius, acting CEP of Lithuania's gas transmission system operator Amber Grid, says the GIPL project is now being implemented with any disruptions.

"The project is being implemented as planned, the pipes are arriving, welding work is underway. Naturally, some parts that are produced in Italy, there might be problems there but these are not key details. We have no problems now but we are looking into the future and assessing various risks," Biknius told.

Vaiciunas says the GIPL implementation deadline, by the end of 2021, does not change.

Lithuania has been placed under quarantine until April 13.

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