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National Library to focus on creation of digital archives in cooperation with universities

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In the following years, the National Library of Latvia will focus on the creation of digital archives in cooperation with higher education institutions and the Education and Science Ministry, the library's director Andris Vilks told LETA.

Speaking at a news conference on the library's priorities and plans on Friday, Vilks said that the National Library of Latvia regards itself in the context of the National Development Plan as a provider of education quality and information.

To implement this long-term priority, the National Library of Latvia plans to take a number of measures this year. The library has submitted several projects defining its current goals, including the creation of a common academic database in cooperation with higher education institutions. There is also a plan to create a system for the eradication of plagiarism at Latvian universities.

The National Library of Latvia also plans to continue work on its Academia depository by expanding it and strengthening its role in the context of universities' cooperation. Vilks noted that the common database will help Latvia's universities save their resources.

To strengthen its functions, the National Library of Latvia has proposed several amendments to the Law on the National Library of Latvia. The legislative initiatives, Vilks said, are intended to establish the National Library as the keeper of cultural heritage, digital materials and academic publications. "The platform has already been created, we only need to establish it legally," said Vilks.

He revealed that a Saeima committee is due to review the draft amendments to February 19.

At the same time, the National Library of Latvia will continue to host various cultural, academic and educational events. The library's PR head Augusts Zilberts said at the news conference that this year the library is organizing around 30 events, including conferences, exhibitions, as well as musical, cinematic and other events.

Last year, the National Library of Latvia received 429,000 visitors and 26,000 people joined 1,700 tours of the library. The library registered around 11,000 new readers in 2019.

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