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Covid-19: Linkaits to allow ferry repatriating Latvians from Germany to dock in Liepaja on Tuesday

BC, Riga, 15.03.2020.Print version
Minister of Transport Talis Linkaits (New Conservative Party) has allowed a ferry repatriating Latvians from Germany to dock at Liepaja Port on Tuesday, despite the fact that the curfew to close the border to passenger traffic will already be in force, writes LETA.

Linkaits told Delfi TV today that there is currently a bus full of Latvian nationals currently stuck on the Polish border, and this ferry will transport them back to Latvia.

The minister said that he has information of all the tour buses from Latvia that are currently out of the country, and when making the decision to close passenger traffic in Latvia, he said that the decision was made to close the border at a later date so that these buses could make it back to the country in time.

''Everything has been calculated. If there are no other hurdles in place, these buses should be able to make it back to the country in time,'' he said,m adding that if some of these buses do not make it back by the curfew, he has the right to allow them back in after coordination with the Foreign Ministry and the Health Ministry.

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