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Finland resumes border control

BC, Vilnius, 02.10.2020.Print version
Finland has informed EU partners of its decision to resume border control and restrict arrivals from other European countries, Lithuania's Health Ministry has said on Friday.

"From now on, only foreigners legally residing, working, studying or arriving for family reasons, for example, for weddings, funerals etc., will be allowed into the country. Finnish border guards will asks for documents proving the travel reason at checkpoints," the ministry said.


According to the ministry, Finland resumed border control for one month from September 19 until October 18 with Lithuania, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, France, Slovenia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Hungry, Malta, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia and Estonia.

The Health Ministry says Finland's decision comes in response to growing numbers of coronavirus cases in these European countries.

The ministry has also advised people travelling to foreign countries to check the latest information on the existing restrictions as well as arrival and isolation conditions.

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