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Tallinn Zoo celebrated its 72nd birthday

BC, Tallinn, 26.08.2011.Print version

On Thursday the Tallinn Zoo celebrated its 72nd birthday and reported that its list of animals will increase by two rare fishing cats, writes LETA/National Broadcasting.


Press spokesperson of the zoo, Inari Leiman, stated that the male fishing cat named Otto has already arrived in Tallinn. “He arrived from England a couple of weeks ago, but his mate is still to arrive,” he noted.


On Thursday, BBC reported that Otto was sent to Estonia from the Newquay Zoo. Leiman did not know, from which country would the female fishing cat be sent to Tallinn. He said that he hoped that after the mate were found, the animals would be well-suited. “The objective is for them to have offspring,” Leiman explained.


Leiman said that the Tallinn Zoo has had previously fishing cats in its collection, but as there were no successful attempts to find them mates, the last one died without bearing any offspring.


Fishing cats who originate from Asia are an endangered species and hence experts note that it is very important for zoos to be able to form couples that bear offspring.

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