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EP elections campaign in Estonia is not in compliance with good practices

BC, Tallinn, 24.04.2009.Print version

The head of the Network of Estonian Non-profit Organisations Urmo Kübar stated that while his organisation is trying to reach an agreement on the good elections campaign practices with political parties, the Centre Party's internet games and the parties' outdoor advertisements are not in compliance with the principles proposed, writes Postimees Online/LETA.


"We cannot say that some parties have already violated the document as currently we are still trying to reach an agreement on these principles," noted Kübar, adding that the European Parliament elections could be considered the test period for this agreement as the political parties have by now already drafted programmes, lists, budgets and contracts.


"In terms of the good practices, the internet games or the posters displayed on the streets right now would not be in compliance with two provisions – firstly, the proposal to speak ideas, not about people and secondly, focussing on the issues that would be within the powers of the body that would be elected," he said, explaining that the European Parliament will not decide whether a minister or another should be replaced.


"Be it Ansip, Savisaar, Laar or someone else – I as a voter would not be proud of the political culture and of my State if the main emphasis in the elections campaigns would be put on ridiculing or glorifying particular individuals," said Kübar. At the same time, Kübar praised the Centre Party for being honest that the internet games in question are commissioned by them.


The Centre Party developed internet games "Lead like Ansip" and "Give the Minister the Boot" which were directed against the current coalition members.

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