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Tallinn to reform administrative system

BC, Tallinn, 20.02.2009.Print version

The Tallinn City Council decided on Thursday to amend the Statute of Tallinn with the purpose of reforming the city's administrative system, writes EPL Online/LETA.


According to the city council decision, there will be ten city regions in Tallinn instead of eight city districts and city district governments will be reformed into regional departments.


As the initiator of the proposal, chairman of the Tallinn City Council Toomas Vitsut noted, the administrative reform needs to bring more efficiency into the city government in servicing the residents, save administrative spending and enhance settlement-based identity.


Vitsut stated that the reform is also aimed at de-politicising the regional authorities while the regional departments will be led by civil servants.


The reform which was supported by 35 out of 63 city council members, is planned to be completed by July 1.


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