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The performers and the program of Tartu Hanseatic Days now public

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Last week the performers and the program of Tartu Hanseatic Days, held on 11–13 July, were published on festival’s home page. The programme includes tournament between medieval towns, more than 20 artists, open courtyards, workshops, outdoor cinema, and a lot more.
“With this year’s programme we wish to show that a medieval festival can be authentic and a bit jamboree at the same time. Hereby, one of the main events of the festival is the tournament, where six medieval Estonian towns compete in fun competitions,” said the project manager of Tartu Hanseatic Days, Jaanus Tepomees.
On 2 June the mayor of Tartu, Urmas Klaas invited seven medieval Estonian towns to a tournament. The challenge has been accepted by Paide, Pärnu, Rakvere, Tallinn and Viljandi. The towns will compete in three fields: team sprint, parrot shooting and music contest.
“Festival visitors of all ages will experience memorable sensations in the diverse culture programme of the Epochal Jamboree. During the three days, dozens of artists take different stages all over the town. You can enjoy concerts of already well-known musicians as well as ensembles that are currently getting more and more popular. The programme also includes foreign artists,” said Tepomees.
In addition to the artists, Tepomees brings forth the open courtyards in St. John’s Town, where Esonian designers, oven builders and chimney sweepers, artists, handicraftsmen, and connoisseurs of sweets, etc. introduce their professions and everyday activities. All little visitors of the festival have a lot to discover in Children’s Town  – different workshops open in the “chambers” and “nests” offer handicraft and creative activities.
All curious visitors can take part in interesting activities in Science Town and all those who are looking for a test of strength and adventures should also head to Iron Town. The best Estonian movies are shown at Toome in Starman’s Outdoor Cinema. This year’s festival also honours traditions – the Epochal Jamboree will be opened with a procession on Friday, 11 July.
For the organizing team it is important that whole Tartu is taking part in the Jamboree. Uus Õu, the cafés of Tartu, tour guides, St. John’s Church, the Emajõgi with Barge Village on the beach and with Seto Line on the waves, museums, Jazz Club, Student Theatre, Maire Aunaste with her flea market, and many other good friends greet the festival visitors as well. Also Olde Hansa from the capital town Reval pays a visit to Dorpat.
Artists performing at Tartu Hanseatic Days:
Town Hall Square – Curly Strings and Paabel
St. Anthony’s Courtyard Stage – Vaiko Eplik, Hanna-Liina Võsa Trio, Duo Kulno Malva/Tõnis Kirsipu, Knihv, Triskele, Lepaseree, DJ Harl:Etno and DJ Priit Rand.
Toome Stage –  Liisi Koikson & Band, Wilhelm, Kiivad Armastajad, Maarja Nuut, Ars Apta, Rondellus, and in cooperation with music festival Glasperlenspiel Stary Olsa (BLR) and Mark Kostabi Band.
Children’s Town – Uku Madis Vainu, Hanna-Liina Võsa, Aroonia; additionally many hobby groups and schools, e.g. Theatre Must Kast, Musaklubi, etc.
Uus Õu – Lost Harbours (UK), warm-up by DJ Kaido Kirikmäe.
Tartu Jazz Club – Abraham’s Café and Raivo Tafenau–Lembit Saarsalu Quintet
The program and schedule of the Epochal Jamboree: http://www.hansapaevad.ee/en/program/
Sequentially the 19th city festivities dedicated to the times of the Hanseatic League are held on 11th–13th July 2014 in Tartu. This year you can visit St. John’s Town, St. Anthony’s Courtyard, Toome Stage, Science Town, Iron Town and Children’s Town. As always, the plentiful Hansamarket is open this year as well.
Tartu Hanseatic Days are organized by Tartu Music Festival Foundation with the support of Tartu city, Starman, A. Le Coq, Folger Art, K-Rauta, Kuku Radio, Tasku Center, University of Tarty Museum and others.

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