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10% Latvians started drinking more alcohol as the 2nd Covid-19 wave started

BC, Riga, 23.11.2020.Print version
A resurgence of Covid-19 cases and reintroduced restrictions this fall have prompted 10% of people in Latvia to drink alcohol more often, writes LETA, according to the latest Benu Pharmacy Stress Thermometer, a survey carried out by Gemius online pollster by surveying 2,700 people.

10% of respondents in the poll admitted that they have started to drink alcohol more often, with 3% saying that they are now drinking much more often and 7% a bit more often. 

This figure, however, is lower than in April this year when 16% of respondents in a similar survey admitted to drinking more amid the first Covid-19 outbreak. 

The latest survey also reveals that 56% of respondents have not noticed any changes in their drinking habits, 11% have started to drink less and 22% do not drink alcohol at all.

Meanwhile, some respondents admitted that they have started smoking more. While in the April survey 6% of respondents said they had started smoking more often, in the fall survey this answer was given by 8% of the polled people.

The protracted Covid-19 crisis and new life conditions have proved challenging not only to people's physical but also mental wellbeing. Increasingly often, experts warn of the impact the Covid-19 crisis is having on people's mental health and the ways people seek to relax and forget about their problems at least for a while. 

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