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Lithuania rises to 27th position in IMD World Talent Ranking

BC, Riga/Vilnius/Tallinn, 12.11.2020.Print version
Lithuania has gone up by one notch to 27th position among 63 countries in the IMD World Talent Ranking. Latvia takes 33rd place and Estonia 19th, informs LETA/BNS.

Lithuania's comes in first in the world in terms of women's participation in the labor market, and comes in 3rd and 9th in terms of the pupil-teacher ratio.

In terms of the cost of living, Lithuania is 12th in the world. The country comes in 18th in terms of exposure to particle pollution, and 25th in terms of attracting and retaining talents. In terms of language skills, Lithuania comes in 18th, 22nd in terms international experience and 22nd in terms of university education.

In the EU context, Lithuania's comes in 13th and is slightly abode the EU average.

Latvia also went up by one notch to the 33rd place. Poland rose 2 notches to the 35th place and Estonia jumped from the 19th to the 27th position.

The IMD World Talent Ranking is based on countries’ performance in three main categories — investment and development, appeal and readiness. The three categories assess how countries perform in a wide range of areas under 32 criteria. These include education, apprenticeships, workplace training, language skills, cost of living, quality of life, remuneration and tax rates. Estonia ranks 27th this year, Latvia is 34th and Poland is 37th.

Switzerland has been leading the list for the past eventh years, with Denmark coming second this year, followed by Luxembourg.

Switzerland balances a high-quality education system that earns top marks for those being channeled into university (#1) and for those embarking on apprenticeships (#1). The country is also attractive to foreign labor thanks to the high quality of life (#3) and remuneration (#1).

Denmark, in 2nd, performs well across the board and stands out for the perceived fairness of its society (e.g. justice #1).

Luxembourg, in 3rd, has seen a consistent improvement over the past five years, progressing from 11th to 3rd. This is due to a marked improvement in the Investment & Development factor, both relative to other economies but also in absolute terms.

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