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Europe ranked: The finance role which will earn graduates the MOST

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In the current job market, audit is the highest paying graduate finance role in ten European countries including Liechtenstein (EUR 78,774) and Finland (EU R68,412), informed BC.

Being a student trying to find their way in the current job market might feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Having an optimistic outlook and strong perseverance are essential for landing a graduate job role.

After discovering there are 27,000 online searches each month* for graduate finance jobs, analysed data from employer feedback specialists GlassDoor to discover which graduate finance roles are currently the highest paying in each European country.

The highest paid finance graduates in Europe

Overall, discovered that Switzerland has the highest paying graduate finance roles in Europe! Paying newcomers an impressive starting salary of EUR 102,506 annually for finance associates roles, they pay EUR23,732 more per year than the second-place country.

The second highest paying European country is Liechtenstein. Graduates working in auditor positions could earn a hefty salary of EUR 78,774 per year. 

Following Liechtenstein is Luxembourg who provide an annual salary of EUR78,459 to finance graduates who are working in investment analysis.

The highest paying graduate finance role in each European country found that in Bulgaria (EUR 11,802), Croatia (EUR 12,687), Cyprus (EUR 18,600), Finland (EUR 68,412), Greece (EUR 24,090), Latvia (EUR 13,212), Liechtenstein (EUR 78,774), Lithuania (EUR 39,744), Poland (EUR 21,432) and Slovenia (EUR 42,339) auditor roles are currently the highest paying graduate finance job.

From these selected countries, Liechtenstein has the highest average graduate salary for auditors whilst Bulgaria has the lowest.

In Austria (EUR  66,999), Czech Republic (EUR 15,951), Denmark (EUR 72,275), Estonia (EUR 24,216), Norway (EUR 70,948), Portugal (EUR 21,951), Romania (EUR 9,360), Slovakia (EUR 17,927) and Sweden (EUR45,936) finance analyst is currently the highest paying graduate finance role.

Out of these countries, Denmark has the highest average graduate salary for finance analysts whilst Romania has the lowest.

Moreover, graduates in France (EUR 50,484), Germany (EUR 67,755), Ireland (EUR 40,240) and Switzerland (EUR 102,506) have the greatest earning potential in finance associate positions. 

Interestingly, in Spain, finance administrator is the graduate finance role that can bank prospective candidates the most money at an average annual salary of EUR 32,000. Whilst the same is true for graduate junior accountant jobs (EUR 36,000) in Ukraine.


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