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European socdems discussed future of left-wing ideas in Vilnius

BC, Vilniaus, 15.10.2018.Print version
Vilnius hosted an international forum of European social democrats over the weekend when Baltic and EU social democrats discussed the future of left-wing ideas, informs LETA/BNS.

During the discussion, social democrats from various European countries underlined that social democrats must focus on taking care of people, especially children and education, due to the ongoing changes in the working environment and arising new digitalization-related challenges.

"People no longer feel safe and that insecurity is caused by globalization, as well as global competition. How will they affect jobs, cities we live in, how will they affect the future of our children? I think when we consider priorities, we should restore confidence in the European project in the upcoming year of EP election," EC Vice President Maros Sevcovic said.

MEP Maria Joao Rodrigues underlined that the European Union should seek to ensure better living conditions for all groups: men, women and children.

"All target groups should have better standards ensured, including working conditions and pension. (…) We always say that no matter what sector you work in, you have two important guarantees – a clear employment contract and access to social guarantees," she said.

The MEP underlined that social democrats are in favor of changes, adding, however, that it's vital to support people and invest in education.

Gintautas Paluckas, chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Lithuania, paid attention to the fact that social democrats' issues are often seen as complex.

"Security is the main expectation of the European society. Not the territorial but the economic one. We have to pay attention to the fact that technological progress will increase market imbalances in the near future," he said.

Paluckas also paid attention to the fact that technology and digitalization are bringing new risks of new inequality forms.

The international social democratic forum aimed at discussing and defining key development directions for left-wing democratic powers in Lithuania and Europe.


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