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PRFoods: Sufficient supply of fish, fish products ensured for next few months

BC, Riga, 13.03.2020.Print version
Listed Estonian fish products seller PRFoods said that the company has enough raw material and finished product reserves for the next three or four months to ensure the supply of fresh fish and fish products to the people of Estonia, informed LETA/BNS.

"There is no need for the people of Estonia to worry that there will not be enough fish and fish products in the next few months," Indrek Kasela, member of the management board of PRFoods, said. "Most of our raw material is from our own fish farms, which is why we can respond to changes in demand very quickly," he added.

PRFoods has enough warehouse stocks to carry out final product supply as well as produce more, should the situation become so critical that the state is isolated and cargo carriage is restricted.

"However, as it is a perishable commodity, I urge consumers to not stock up on more than they can consume. It would be a pity if it ends up in the bin instead. Let us be responsible when it comes to food and other consumers as well," Kasela said.

In addition, to avoid employees falling ill, PRFoods transitioned to a special regime already in February -- no visitors or third parties are allowed into production, trips abroad have been cancelled, employee health checkups are being carried out and remote working has been imposed in offices.

"However, ensuring food logistics is of strategic importance and we therefore expect the government to foremost ensure the opportunity for freight transport on land, water as well as via air," Kasela. 

AS PRFoods is the holding company for a group of consolidated subsidiaries engaging in the production and sales of fish products in the Finland, Estonia and the United Kingdom and fish farming in Sweden and Finland. Shares of PRFoods have been listed on the main list of the Tallinn stock exchange since May 5, 2010. 

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