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BPM Mezzanine Fund invested in Latvian dairy company Smiltenes Piens

BC, Riga , 16.12.2020.Print version
BPM Mezzanine Fund SICAV-SIF, SCA (BPM) invested in the buy-out of a well-known Latvian dairy company Smiltenes Piens in August 2019, as former owners of the company were looking forward to retire and Latvian entrepreneur Armands Kovaldiņš saw Smiltenes Piens with its well-known brands and quality leadership as an attractive target to be developed further and expand into export markets as well, informed BMP Mezznine Fund representative.

 BPM was the sole debt provider in the transaction. In the current turbulent environment Smiltenes Piens has proven to be a stable, resilient, and high-quality asset, which is also appreciated by senior lenders.


 Accordingly, refinancing of mezzanine with senior loan was an awaited step in the development of the company and with this BPM exited its investment into Smiltenes Piens. Partner of BPM Capital, Mr. Martin Reinson, commented that although our journey with Smiltenes Piens was short, it has been very successful and I would like to thank Armands and his team for their efforts in those turbulent times. When people think of Smiltenes Piens, they think of dairy products with highest quality and I believe this forms an excellent base to develop this company further and enter new markets.

 Owner of Smiltenes Piens, Mr. Armands Kovaldiņš added: acquiring Smiltenes Piens was truly a unique opportunity and to execute the transaction we needed a flexible, reliable and fast partner. I am very happy that we found such partner – BPM. The cooperation with BPM has been smooth and already from the beginning it seemed as if we had worked together already for a long time

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