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Teachers draw inspiration for research and cooperation in forest

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Every autumn, teachers in Latvia are encouraged to acquire new knowledge and skills in further education courses on sustainable forest management organized by JSC Latvia's State Forests (LVM).

This year, on 29 and 30 September, more than 60 teachers of natural sciences, mathematics and technology, together with experts from the Interdisciplinary Education Innovation Centre of the University of Latvia and LVM, got acquainted with the new interdisciplinary topic aimed at school students of grades 8 and 9 “Research in Forest”, which was created as part of the “School 2030” project.


The new theme “Research in Forest” allows schools to look at forest not only as an ecological and cultural value, but also highlights the economic role of forest in the country's development. It is important that students acquire skills to conduct real cross-curricular research in geography and biology, engaging tools of mathematics and technology. They understand that forest needs to be cultivated in order to increase income and jobs,” says Ģirts Burgmanis, an expert at the Interdisciplinary Education Innovation Centre of the University of Latvia.


Līga Abizāre, LVM School Programme Manager, tells that learning in nature can be very exciting and innovative. The new curriculum emphasizes the need to connect with real life through the “Research in Forest” project for 8th- and 9th- graders. It is a good opportunity to work in practice, collaborating with teachers of different subjects. Forest is a wonderful place to learn to grow and expand the green class of your school,” says Līga Abizāre.


“Being a biologist is a gift. It is an opportunity to be in nature, to be in nature with children. Today's children come to forest too rarely, therefore I am so happy to hear them say that being in forest is “super”, we learnt a lot. I am happy to be able to open a small window for them that they would not find by themselves. I feel good in nature, and I am satisfied that children also feel good,” says Vēsma Vijupe, a biology teacher at Pumpuri Secondary School.


LVM together with its cooperation partners has been implementing environmental education since 2005 in accordance with the national education standard and the international environmental education programme “Learning about Forest”. LVM offers forest environment education for all age groups. For more information please visit


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