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Rail Baltic Estonia to build 33 railway objects with EUR 150 mln

BC, Tallinn, 20.10.2020.Print version
Rail Baltic Estonia OU procurement manager Margus Lantin said the company is planning to build 33 railway objects, which, according to the receipt of construction projects, will be divided into three; the total cost of the three packages is 150 million euros, reports LETA/BNS.

For the construction works, Rail Baltic Estonia introduced a dynamic procurement solution that should make the procurement faster and more convenient for the participants in the procurement, the company said.

Lantin explained that the volume of the first of the three procurement packages, the package of facilities, which has just been published in the public procurement register and will be under construction in 2020-2023, will be 60 million euros. "Within it, construction work will be procured for 14 facilities, namely seven viaducts and seven ecoducts," he added.

According to the company, a similar procurement solution is also being considered for the construction of local stops on the Rail Baltic route.

The company said that one of the advantages of a dynamic procurement system is that the qualification procedure for the company takes place once, which would otherwise take place for each procurement separately. Subsequently, compliance with the qualification requirements will be verified at the decision of the contracting authority.

Qualification conditions are set at the start of the procurement system, but eligibility conditions, such as team competence, experience and so on, are set according to the complexity of each object.

A dynamic procurement system allows the contracting authority to choose the order in which to procure facilities and objects. Procurement procedures are conducted electronically and, unlike common types of procedures, where tenderers are qualified once, a dynamic procurement system also allows companies to join on an ongoing basis and compete for procurement during the qualification's period of validity.

"Figuratively speaking, builders can redeem a ticket at the door of Rail Baltic Estonia, which gives them the right to make offers for all objects within three years," Lantin said, adding that the time and resource costs associated with procurement are thus reduced for both parties.

Although, in Lantin's view, the Ministry of Finance has created a reasonable legal environment and rules for the introduction of a dynamic procurement system, according to him, this approach has not been used in Estonia before to purchase construction works.

However, Rail Baltic Estonia has used this special type of procurement to procure archaeological research.

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