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Work is underway on Mārupe’s largest restaurant, Brunch Garden

BC, Riga , 19.10.2020.Print version
Early next year at the Business Garden Rīga office campus, developed by Vastint Latvia, the modern, 600 m2 restaurant Brunch Garden will open its doors. It will be the largest restaurant in Mārupe and one of the biggest in Pārdaugava.

Brunch Garden will offer a contemporary fusion of classical cuisine and street food, combining healthy options and fast service.  Unlike regular lunch spots, Brunch Garden will offer visitors both daily specials and brunch, as well as dishes prepared specially for them by the chef. The restaurant’s menu will feature a wide range, not only of Latvian cuisine but also of international seasonal food.


The main idea behind Brunch Garden is to allow visitors to enjoy a high-level restaurant experience in a pleasant atmosphere surrounded by gardens, while offering popular breakfast and lunch meals.


“Our idea even at the very beginning was to make breakfasts and lunches a personalised experience, breaking away from the traditional format of the lunch restaurant. The visitors will be able to choose between the classic brunch concept and previously prepared specials of the day, as well as having the exclusive option to order a “chef’s special” dish, which will be prepared for each customer individually, like in à la carte restaurants,” says Oskars Skara, the creator of the restaurant. He is also the author of the interior design, and has extensive experience as the creator of a number of popular restaurants.


Brunch Garden will be unique for the way it brings together an outstanding flavour experience with aesthetic pleasure, as particular thought has been given to the interior of the restaurant. The restaurant concept is based on the idea of a verdant garden where both hurried diners and the most demanding visitors can take a break. The green environment, which will be filled with different indoor plants and even trees, will be complemented by design features – colourful tableware, as well as wood, bamboo and stone details – in order to create as natural a feeling as possible, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior.


“People who enjoy taking their breakfast or lunch outside the home on working days are hungry for aesthetic experiences and fresh tastes, and for that reason we would like to bring changes and to emphasise natural flavours. During the food preparation process, we don’t use any kind of artificial flavour enhancers, only natural ingredients, in order to give the food the best possible taste,” explains Oskars Skara.


Brunch Garden restaurant will be located on the ground floor of the Business Garden Rīga office campus at 2 Malduguņu Street, and will be one of two Business Garden restaurants in Riga.

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