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Virtual hackathon HackForce invites to offer ideas to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus crisis

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The first fully virtual hackathon for the online environment launched today. Hackathon aims to find solutions to the challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis by mobilizing volunteer resources at the community level. Organized by volunteers from the startup community, hackathon HackForce invites developers, experts, and any active community member who can offer their skills, get involved and come up with solutions.

Currently, around the world almost everyone is struggling with the effects and problems caused by a coronavirus. Not only does the situation place a huge burden on the medical industry and overload emergency response units, but also complicate learning and childcare processes, and create enormous complications in almost every industry. Quarantine restrictions are potentially disruptive to many companies and entire businesses, and the potential impact on the economy is significant.


Hackathon HackForce, happening on March 17-19 in a fully virtual environment, invites everyone to submit ideas and solutions and develop prototypes. During the hackathon, with the help of mentors participants will develop their first ideas, focusing on four key areas:

- medicine and healthcare - digital technology solutions, prototypes, and more;

- solutions to the coronavirus crisis (social distance, information flow, volunteering, and other assistance);

- education - tools, and ideas for remote learning, online training, and more;

- economy and business support projects.

Participants of the hackathon are invited to come up with other ideas that could potentially improve the situation in Latvia and around the world.


Hackathon ideas can be registered here until Tuesday, March 17, 10 AM:

Also, anyone can join the online hackathon chat:


Participants will have the opportunity to submit ideas and build teams to help implement them or join another team. HackForce is an online hackathon where anyone can contribute a helping hand and idea because hackathon organizers believe that together we can create quick and useful emergency solutions.


After the pitches, the jury members will select the most successful teams that will receive valuable prizes, as well as widespread support for putting the idea into practice. The three most useful ideas will receive  1000 euros for further development from Swedbank, one team will get the opportunity to use DoBe co-working space for 3 months to continue the project, and other valuable prizes. Hackaton HackForce is organized by volunteers from the startup community.




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