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airBaltic Adding Additional Flights on March 16

BC, Riga, 15.03.2020.Print version
. In order to serve the large number of passengers willing to travel to and from Riga before international air traffic is suspended to Latvia on March 17, airBaltic has added additional flights on March 16.

Tickets for the additional flights will be able to be booked on the website of airBaltic. On March 16, airBaltic will perform the following flights:


·        Riga-London at 14:10 and London-Riga at 15:50;

·        Riga-Paris at 08:05 and Paris-Riga at 10:40;

·        Riga-Moscow at 07:45 and Moscow-Riga at 11:25;

·        Riga-Brussels at 14:50 and Brussels-Riga at 17:10;

·        Riga-Dublin at 08:00 and Dublin-Riga at 09:45;

·        Riga-Zurich at 07:55 and Zurich-Riga at 10:10;

·        Riga-Dusseldorf at 17:10 and Dusseldorf-Riga at 19:00;

·        Riga-Vienna at 17:35 and Vienna-Riga at 19:20.


In addition, nationals of the Republic of Latvia as well as permanent residents of Latvia who wish to return after March 17 can fill a form on airBaltic website for potential repatriation flights.


If you hold a booking for airBaltic flight between March 17 and April 14, we will be coming back with an update on when we will assist you. It will enable those, who were originally planned to have a flight coming up and need our attention most, to reach the company first. Latest information concerning the travel updates from airBaltic can be found on the company’s website.


airBaltic is currently working in a commercial crisis. Since February 28, an action group C19AG has been established at the company, which regularly evaluates the latest situation and takes the necessary measures during this extraordinary crisis.


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