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Lithuania tightens lockdown

BC, Vilnius, 07.12.2020.Print version
Lithuania's government has on Monday decided to tighten the existing lockdown as of Wednesday and extend it until the end of the year 2020. People are advised to leave their homes only for serious reasons, and education of elder schoolchildren will take place only remotely, informs LETA/BNS.

Lithuania's acting government on Monday backed a proposal to restrict movement for non-essential reasons and leave one's home only for work, shopping, healthcare and other services.

Close contact of more than three families or households is banned, excluding emergency cases when assistance is needed or care for ill people or people who cannot take care of themselves.

Personal celebrations in public and private spaces are banned if they are attended by more than two households. They would be allowed if no more than 10 people attend them.

State and municipal institutions and establishments will move to working and providing services to clients remotely, excluding cases when functions cannot be performed remotely.

Flows of shoppers in shopping centers will be further restricted, and at least 15 square meters of space will have to be ensured for one person in smaller stores or 30 square meters for one person in big shopping centers when their total area exceeds 10,000 square meters.

Car parks near stores, shopping centers, marketplaces and other trading venues will need to be filled no more than 20%, excluding parking lots for staff members and disabled people.

All stores, shopping centers, marketplaces and other public trading and services places are recommended to discontinue short-term sales promotion measures to bring down visitor flows, increase the number of working checkouts to ensure that no more than five people stand in a line, and also extend working hours. One member of a family should also go to for shopping.

The lease, sublease and lending of premises meant for accommodation purposes for private celebrations and other types of gatherings is banned.

Preschool and primary education will continue to be provided directly, but parents are advised to send their children to preschool and primary education establishments only if they cannot work remotely.

Education for elder schoolchildren will be held remotely. Schools are also advised to bring forwards the winter holidays and start them from December 14 until January 3.

The existing lockdown was extended until the midnight of December 31. The decision will come into force on Wednesday.

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