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Underwater drones manufactured in the port of Riga successfully compete in the world markets

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Underwater drones manufactured in the port of Riga successfully compete in the world markets Mon, 12/14/2020 - 11:32 “Eprons ROV”, a company based in the territory of the Port of Riga in Mangaļsala, has been providing diving services for more than 20 years, specializing in underwater works of various levels of complexity both in Latvia and in several other European countries. Since 2009, the company has also been developing and manufacturing underwater remote control devices (drones), which are in demand for underwater research works, construction and inspection of hydro-technical structures, as well as ship repair works all over the world, informed Freeport of Riga representative.

The company's drones are annually exported to Europe – to Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Finland and Norway, they are also used in underwater works in Australia, China, Chile and Canada. Ports are one of the main operational areas for underwater remote control devices.

All mechanical parts of drones are manufactured in Latvia – a certain part at the company's production facility, and the rest – produced by cooperation partners. Electronic components are sourced mainly from major suppliers in China and the United States. Each underwater remote control device is made to order for a specific client, incorporating exactly the functions required by the customer.

Eprons ROV was originally established as a family business engaged in various underwater works and the provision of industrial diving services. Following the trends in the industry, we increasingly used remote control devices to perform underwater work of higher quality, to ensure faster and safer work mode. Until finally we decided to create our own underwater remote drone that would satisfy our needs. By attracting highly qualified Latvian engineers and electronics specialists, we managed to create a product that is now successfully being sold to clients around the world,” said Andrejs Cernavskis, a member of the company's Board.

In the beginning of December, despite the harsh winter weather, the company's divers and technical specialists tested the newest underwater remote control device, created by the company, in the port water area. After the completion of the tests, the new drone will be sent to clients, where it will be used for various underwater works in Chinese waters.

Every year the company produces 20-30 underwater remote control devices. The production of one drone takes from four to fourteen weeks, depending on the model and the number of operational functions and sensors.

"We can say that we produce the highest quality products in this class and successfully compete in markets around the world. Technology in our industry is evolving very rapidly, and all new trends shall be closely followed to remain competitive. Our advantage is that we are not only producers, but we do the work of divers ourselves. Therefore, we have a good understanding of client needs and can offer new innovative solutions,” added Andrejs Cernavskis.

More than 200 companies operating in the territory of the Port of Riga are involved not only in cargo handling, processing and storage, but also in the production of high value-added equipment.

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