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In August, Latvian hotels visited by twice as many tourists from Estonia and Lithuania

Ilze Ķerus, Statistics Latvia, Riga, 15.10.2020.Print version
Accordingly data of the Central Statistical Bureau, in August 2020 the number of foreign and resident visitors comprised 300.2 thousand, which is 22.7 % less than in August 2019. As compared to August of the previous year, the number of nights spent by visitors has reduced by 27.6 % and comprised 535.7 thousand nights.

As on 10 June the emergency situation ended and large part of tourist accommodation establishments resumed their activity, in August the number of visitors remained at the level of the previous month – compared to July, it rose by 0.4 %.

In August 2020, compared to August of the previous year, the number of resident visitors in tourist accommodation establishments increased by 15.3 %, reaching 143.7 thousand. The number of nights spent by residents comprised 240 thousand, which is a rise of 9.3 %.

In August 2020 the number of foreign visitors comprised 156.5 thousand, which is 40.7 % less than in August 2019. Number of nights spent by them comprised 295.7 thousand – a drop of 43.1 %. Majority of foreign visitors were from Lithuania (60.3 thousand), Estonia (40.7 thousand) and Finland (16.4 thousand). Compared to August of the previous year, the number of visitors from Estonia has increased two times, and the number of visitors from Lithuania (88.1 %) and Finland (40.6 %) has risen significantly.

In August 97.8 % of respondents submitted report on the activity of accommodation establishments, of which 5.4 % of respondents (in August 2019 – 2.4 %) answered that they did not carry out activity mentioning as a reason downtime, improvements or repair of accommodation.

More information on tourism statistics is available in the CSB website section “Tourism”. Data are published in the CSB database section “Tourism” (short-term statistics data and annual statistics data).

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